Request to Test

In order to qualify for consideration for Dan Rank Promotion (Yu Dan Ja or Ko Dan Ja rank) or wish to test for Kyo Sa or Sa Bom certification, you should have already given your letter of intent to instructor asking permission to be considered a Dan Candidate and received his/her approval. You should also look at your testing requirements and feel you have met those standards. Yu Dan Ja candidates should pre-register at least 6 months prior to your proposed test date.  All Ko Dan Ja Candidates should fill out and submit the online Request to Test Form May 1st of the year prior to your requesting Ko Dan Ja Shim Sa. Be prepared to be evaluated one year before your planned testing date during the Fall Dan Shim Sa.

The information you fill out will be immediately sent to the Regional Examiner and Administrator who will review your submission and give feedback to your personal instructor. If selected, you will be given information to help you prepare for your test.