Region 8 Leaders: Jennifer Gibbons, Sa Bom Nim

Jennifer Gibbons, Sa Bom Nim

  • Yuk (6th) Dan, # 32238
  • Instructor: Jeff Moonitz, Sa Bom Nim and Hu Kyun In
  • Owner and Chief Instructor of Rocky Mountain Martial Arts, Aspen, CO
  • Region 8 Testing Board Member
  • Federation Technical Advisory Committee Member – Ki Sul Bu

Jennifer Gibbons, Sa Bom Nim, is the owner and chief instructor of Rocky Mountain Martial Arts, Aspen since 2018. This school was originally founded by Jeff Moonitz Sa Bo Nim who retired when she took over. She has been training in Soo Bahk Do since 1989.

In 2005, Gibbons Sa Bom Nim was appointed by the Chairman of the Technical Advisory Committee to officiate as a Regional Examiner in Region 8. She held this position until 2011.

She was then appointed by HC Hwang Kwan Jang Nim to serve on the Technical Advisory Committee – Shim Gung Bu from 2011-2017 and Ki Sul Bu from 2017 to present.

Gibbons Sa Bom Nim has won numerous awards in competition and is a 16 time national champion in Hyung and sparring.

In her own words:

Growing up in the small mountain town of Aspen, Colorado, life involved all things team sports, and the major influence was my father. He had a long, successful career: All-American, Hall of Fame, National Champions with the Iowa Hawkeyes to the NFL for 11 years with the Detroit Lions, and a 3 time All-Pro football player.  I was determined to follow his footsteps. Moving through my twenties, so much freedom as a ski instuctor in a party town was steering me towards unhealthy habits, so I took a friend’s advice and encouragement, and on September 26, 1989, walked in the Rocky Mountain Martial Arts door.  

This was the coolest thing I ever experienced…the mat, the uniforms, the lines, the energy and discipline. It quickly became apparent that every individual was on their own path and yet connected through the same process. The art provoked a full expression of myself as it embraced and encouraged who I was as an athlete and woman. Peaceful confidence took hold as I realized I had nothing to prove and so much to learn. It was all guided discovery and training was the process to become more of the person with strong values I strived to live by.

Most important are the friendships that continue to develop through the years. The sense of belonging and purpose in the community is deeply satisfying. It is with enormous joy and great responsibility that I assist families in the upbringing of their children.

They are the next leaders and need our support to train through to adulthood and secure the future of our art . We live in an evolved culture where traditions and patience are fading.  We best continue to work together and find new ways to maintain the art’s relevance. We need to draw attention to the value of training in the Moo Duk Kwan and take care of each other and our family’s art.

My other job is as a full-time ski instructor for the Aspen Skiing Company since 1981. “