Kyo Sa

General Requirements

Age Requirement: 18 years old

Rank Requirements: E Dan (or testing for E Dan at time of Kyo Sa Exam) and previous Jo Kyo certification

Minimum Training Time:

  1. 1 year following acquisition of Kyo Sa Study Kit.
  2. Minimum of three (3) years teaching experience under the guidance of a certified Sa Bom / Kyo Sa.
  3. Loyalty to the Moo Duk Kwan through their instructor and to its founder, Kwan Jang Nim Hwang Kee.
  4. Regular weekly Do Jang attendance with a record of good teaching experience.
  5. Good record of participation in clinics and other activities conducted on Studio, Regional, National and International Levels, under the guidance of the T.A.C.

Proof of Current Federation Membership: Call 888-SOOBAHK for questions regarding membership.

Testing Fee: The Region 8 Testing Fee is $500. If testing for Kyo Sa in conjunction with testing for E Dan the total fee is $675 or Sam Dan, the total fee for both is $700.

General Knowledge/Skills

  1. Theoretical knowledge to explain and physical ability to demonstrate the Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan curriculum through Cho Dan.
  2. Concepts of teaching philosophy, methodology and techniques.
  3. Ability to establish course structure and class lesson planning that has a natural progression.
  4. Incorporate History and philosophy of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan into the class that fosters character development (ma’um jaseh).
  5. Ability to teach the application of Neh Gung, Weh Gung and Shim Gung.
  6. Understanding the different approaches between adult classes and children classes.
  7. Demonstrate an ability to identify major issues with a student’s technique and successfully help a student change the habit.
  8. Understanding the important responsibilities as a Kyo Sa, both technically and administratively.
  9. Ability to utilize assistant instructors in a class setting.
  10. Ability to deal with various simulated class situations.
  11. Ability to explain the founding purposes of the Federation.
  12. Basic first aid training
  13. Ability to demonstrate the teaching of:
  • Ki Cho – Teach a beginner the mechanics of the application of defensive and offensive hip. This should include: Shifting and twisting your mass, control and harmonization of breath, contraction and expansion, proper stance, and shi sun. Breakdown and teach the mechanics of basic foot techniques.
  • Hyung
  • Il Soo Sik Dae Ryun
  • Ho Sin Sool
  • Ja Yu Dae Ryun
  • Da Soo In Dae Ryun
  • Kyok Pa

Written Essays

A formal written essay is required on each topic below:

1. Explain the role of Hyung in teaching and practice.

2. An essay on a practical teaching technique the candidate has developed him/herself, or found effective in developing skills or in motivating students.

3. Critical Incident Analysis (answer each of the questions below):

  • How do you handle and what do you say to a student who has lost his/her temper in free sparring?
  • How do you teach and demonstrate the concept of respect?
  • How would you help the inattentive student?
  • What is your method of teaching the application of the Eight Key Concepts?

4. Explain how the Federation is organized and its role in the operation of schools, administrative responsibilities, certification of instructors and all testing of students.

5. Explain the duties, responsibilities and role of a Certified Kyo Sa.

Examination Process

Initial Kyo Sa Candidate Interest:

  1. Student must discuss Kyo Sa Certification interest with their instructor and announce their intentions to the Regional Examiners by filling out the Request to Test Form 12 months prior to their testing date.
  2. Student/Instructor will order the Kyo Sa Booklet from Federation HQ 12 months prior to their testing date. Call 888-SOOBAHK.

Kyo Sa Candidate Preparation:

Teaching Preparation/Mentoring

  1. Candidate will work through the outlined written tests and class instruction checklists per the Booklet
  2. Candidate will be required to instruct the TAC Model Class and receive feedback from personal instructor.
  3. Candidate will be required to instruct the same model class a second time and implement the areas of improvement noted by their instructor (Instructor to provide feedback a 2nd time)
  4. Candidate will be required to instruct a “model class” in the same format as the DVD with their own content (Instructor to provide feedback).
  5. Candidate must also participate in at least one Regional Event during their candidacy year to assist at the discretion of the Regional Examiners

Administrative Preparation

  1. Instructor will be required to submit his/her feedback to the REX  for each of the three classes noted above.
  2. Once the Kyo Sa Candidate completes the Booklet and Model Class Instruction portion (3 classes) of the process the instructor will send a letter of recommendation to the Regional Examiners. The Instructor’s feedback (3 in total) are submitted along with the recommendation letter
  3. The above recommendation process can be completed at any time throughout the year and does not have to align with the Spring or Fall Dan Shim Sa dates within the Region

Pre-Kyo Sa Examination:

The Kyo Sa Candidate must complete a total of 8 hours (teaching/training) with a Regional Official (it is suggested that the total eight hours not be with the same R.O.)

  • 4 Hours of Physical Training (with the R.O.)
  • 4 Hours of Teaching (in front of the R.O.)

Paperwork Submission Process:

3-6 months prior to the Shim Sa date, Kyo Sa Candidate should submit the following:

  1. 6 months prior to the test, candidate should submit the Request to Test form online.
  2. Instructor submits a letter of recommendation along with feedback from the 3 Model Classes.

1 month prior to the Shim Sa date, Kyo Sa Candidate submits the following:

  1. Complete Kyo Sa Booklet
  2. Kyo Sa Application Form (provided in the Kyo Sa Booklet)
  3. Signed Kyo Sa Letter of Understanding (provided in the Kyo Sa Booklet)
  4. Required Essays
  5. Payment ($500 for Kyo Sa,  $675 if testing Kyo Sa in conjunction with E Dan or $700 if testing Kyo Sa in conjunction with Sam Dan Exam). This is done online.

Kyo Sa should submit paperwork to

Jennifer Gibbons, Sa Bom Nim
40 Sunset Dr. Unit #4
Basalt, Co. 81621

Kyo Sa Examination:

Kyo Sa Candidate teaches a model class in front of the testing board during the Dan Shim Sa weekend.